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Dedicated to safety

For more than 40 years PENTAX Medical has shown its dedication to improving clinical results and patients’ safety with its broad range of high-quality flexible endoscopes and imaging technology. Continual development is a crucial concern for PENTAX Medical.

Over 25 Million GI procedures are carried out across Europe each year. But while the chances that one of these procedures will result in a scope-related infection is relatively low – over 90% of infections can be prevented by simply applying the correct reprocessing measures.¹

The efficient solution

One such measure to overcome infections is with the use of disposable equipment, through which we can ensure a significant reduction in the risk of contamination – especially in advanced endoscopy procedures. Guidelines advise the use of single-use scope cleaning brushes and other endoscopy accessories whenever possible, while also strictly adhering to manufacturers’ recommended reprocessing practices as outlined in user manuals.

Designed for PENTAX

However, flexible endoscopes are still among the most complex medical devices. Maintaining the product quality is crucial, and requires using dedicated PENTAX Medical endoscope accessories. Our engineers’ dedication to the assurance of our endoscopes’ quality and optimal hygiene levels has resulted in specific hygiene-related products. They follow the DESIGNED FOR PENTAX rationale to support you in:

  • Increasing confidence in the safety of the reprocessing outcome
  • Fulfilling compliance within hygiene departments
  • Control risk of infection and cross-contamination

¹) Schembre DB. Infectious complications associated with gastrointestinal endoscopy. Gastrointest. Endosc. Clin. N. Am. 2000; 10:215-32.